Catherine de Medici 1533 is femininity, eccentricity, refinement and opulence. Young brand of shoes arrived among the finalists in the last edition of Who is on next, famous scouting project created by AltaRoma in collaboration with Vogue Italia, Catherine de Medici 1533 seduces us with sinuous shapes, precious materials, contrasting fabrics and colors inspired the past and yet absolutely contemporary.

Francesca Pisano was born in 1985 in Rivoli. As a child, strongly attracted by fashion, learns from her grandmother the art of 'couture and respectful devotion to tradition. In 2009 Francesca Pisano graduated in Law but soon after, when he runs in the history of Catherine de Medici, resurfaces the dormant passion and in 2013 began to design shoes, launching the brand Catherine de Medici 1533.

It is said that Catherine de Medici was the first woman to have worn heels during a social event. In 1533, in fact, Catherine de Medici married the Duke of Orleans, King Henry II by wearing high heels and defying the rigid social patterns. And this was not the only episode in which the queen was distinguished, in fact, she was known for his talent and lively bizarre precursor of fashions and trends, she is still a source of inspiration to this day.

The shoes by Catherine de Medici 1533 have an incredibly feminine allure created from precious materials, contrasting colors and decided, exclusive details. Rare leathers, velvets, silks in sophisticated combinations that are inspired by the past echoing elegant royalty, finely crafted by experienced artisans who make unique excellence of Made in Italy. Shoes worn by women daring, resourceful, confident, determined and always elegant, women who like to stand out, just like Catherine de Medici.

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