Inspiration bohemian, nomadic spirit, freedom of mind are the seeds that feed the creativity of Barbara Bonner. Bags of delicate lightness, in sinuous movement, seduce with soft colors, intriguing plots, preserving precious detail the need for versatility and functionality of women active and independent.

Barbara Bonner was born in Italy but very young he traveled extensively, from London to Toronto, from Boston to Washington, absorbing experiences and emotions that shaped her personality. Creativity and determination of Barbara Bonner were definitely also influenced by his grandmother, fearless circus, and grandfather, an expert diamond cutter. After completing his studies in psychology, the designer began his real passion, entering on tiptoe into the world of fashion. After winning a Masters in Marketing and Communication of fashion in Milan, she moved to London to study at Central St Martins. A Ibiza born the first bag and is then launched the namesake brand.

The bags of Barbara Bonner are made of prized leathers of lamb, much lighter than the calf, by skilled artisans in Tuscany in the best tradition of Made in Italy. A distinctive feature of the designer is the frequent use of the fringes, very long and bulky, arranged in three lines, which give fluidity and grit to a style incredibly glamorous. Luxury handbags made of elements mesmerizing, "an eccentric sobriety", as claimed by the designer, for women bold and eclectic. You can buy bags by Barbara Bonner on LUISAVIAROMA.COM

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