Catuma: to each his own…glasses. New materials, new combinations, new eyes. To see the world from another perspective, from another point of view. From the first revolutionary collection where wood, cork, stone and linen became the characters of innovative eyewear from the matter, the rise of this young brand was unstoppable.

Founded in 2014 and continued powered by the entrepreneurial spirit of Vincenzo Pastore and the creativity of Vincenzo Nesta, Catuma is a remarkable example of excellence Made in Italy. In the name Catuma there is the link with the homeland, the square where everything converges and from which everything is born: Andria. After studying in Milan as optical and after opening a franchise specialized in optical stores, Vincenzo Pastore decided not only to sell but to produce glasses, focus on a vision of these typically artisan.

Both man and woman, both sunglasses and eyeglasses. Identity and differentiation find in Catuma fertile ground: each piece is the result of careful, meticulous and sophisticated work. Never the same if not only to it, but evolution of many different ideations. From accessory to the protagonist. So the strong personality characterized each line remaining true to itself but also developing in other, unseen. The constant ecological aspect is combined high tech and carbon fibre.

Dreamlike and enterprising Surrealist, the capsule dedicated to elaboration of the artistic movement of Surrealism, with a special tribute to one of queens of it, the ironic Elsa Schiapparelli.The artistry becomes eyewear, reaching paradoxical but ingenious combinations: steel mixes with wood, stone, granite, acetate. Drawing special lines, marked perimeters alternating super round sinuosity by eye.

And then finally, the rigor, the rationality of Architecture collection, inspired by the architecture, famous Eileen Gray and his regular use of steel. Colours, shapes, design: everything celebrates art in its infinite being, advocating admixture. Front steel, impacting geometries derivate from Catuma plan, square of Andria, with plenty of natural distinctive characteristics of the brand. From the square, the more rounds, from the rhombic to more details butterfly cuts. Unique. Alone with style. Alone with Catuma. For info

Giulia Fucile