The countdown has begun, Christmas is coming. Mom, sisters, friends, colleagues and why not something for ourselves too. Is the gift list long and are you looking for ideas? Find the inspiration and the right solution among our proposals. Exclusive garments and accessories to unwrap and donate.

Dal maglione handmade alla borsa artigianale, dal foulard in seta alla scarpa originale fino al gioiello scintillante. Il Natale sta arrivando, scegli tra le nostre preziose creazioni. Sempre e solo 100% made in Italy!

sweater with bow design msgm


Sweater “Bow” – Msgm.

Are you a lover of bows? This Msgm sweater is then perfect for you! Romantic, ironic, funny, feminine. A perfect gift to give and give yourself!


Goldfinger Backpack – Atpcal.

For a smart Christmas, what do you think of Atpcal's 13 'laptop backpack? Sustainable, multifunctional, exclusive. Its waterproof and iridescent gold coated fabric makes it an ideal bag not only for work but also for your free time.


Hope Black Beanie – Çamarche.

Soft, warm and cool. The wool hat is confirmed as one of the trendiest musts. A practical accessory to always carry with you! Just like this black with red logo from Çamarche.

black and red necklace kharm design


Essenza Necklace – Ginco Collection – Khàrm Design.

Are you looking for a design jewel? The ideal necklace for you is then the Essence of Khàrm Design, in plexiglass and red Agate stones. Unique and sophisticated, it is also precious in its meaning: Ginkgo Biloba is in fact the symbol of eternal rebirth, the strength to start over, to fall and always get up.

kilesa red handbag


Melissa Daily Bag Large – Kilesa.

An icon of timeless style. Melissa by Kilesa is the perfect bag for every woman. Elegant, functional, comfortable: a touch of color and class to illuminate your many and different looks. Obviously 100% made in Italy.

golden and blue sneakers luca berioli


What are you waiting for ? To unwrap fashion under the tree and experience a magical surprise effect, order your perfect gift no later than December 15th!