Art, culture, tradition and a young look come together to create the luxurious disenchantment with the name Cindy, the new Hibourama bag.

The new "jewel" is one of the must-haves of the new Armenia fall/winter 2019-2020 collection, the result of the typical four-handed creative process developed by the two bold designers Rachele and Maila. As you may know, (if you don't remember, take a look at our encounter every cut, every weaving, every detail comes from an intimate harmony between the designers and founders of the brand that reinterpret one of the two favorite accessories of women, designing it for a demanding woman who doesn’t settle.

That way, among the many she is born, the Cindy: the bag with the iconic hexagonal logo that becomes the closure and the closure that becomes the logo, the characteristic combination of design, structure and functionality that permeates the soul of the brand and reveals its majestic aesthetics.

The Cindy, with its golden details that embellish its essential lines, becomes a real gem, an exclusive accessory to illuminate a modern femininity without boundaries.

The model preserves and keeps a retro soul, which is combined with the fresh and recognizable identity typical of Hibourama. Calfskin, golden chains, adjustable shoulder straps, solid colors as well as prints hiss the dreamlike charm of Haik Land. The Cindy and the fall/winter 2019-2020 collection to which it belongs, is in fact inspired by the beauty preserved with care in the Armenian tradition.

Cindy bag by Hibourama: leather handbag with chain and golden details, hexagonal closure in different variants

Not a perfect bag for every occasion but a creation, a unique piece that makes every moment unrepeatable. Versatility and elegance are combined in its design with consistency and balance. The materials and finishes are the choir of the most gentle symphony and, as in an orchestra, all the elements are studied and in perfect tune with each other.

Different shapes and lines draw the contours of the Cindy bag. The Big Plain model, a meeting of delicate texture and a decisive design; the Cindy Small Plain White Coconut is instead an enchanting bijoux in which the white color and the different nuances of the metallic elements are joined to the texture of the fabric creating a graceful accessory. And then again the Cindy Braided Black, available in small and big versions, an authentic poem of love for Italian craftsmanship and for the quality of the fine materials selected: a practical handbag in which the handle is a real masterpiece made by hand, the calf leather exhorts a singular weaving, which cleverly fits into the gilded details and recurs in the embroideries that give body to the bag.

The Cindy is the ideal accessory to satisfy the sophisticated taste of the She Hibourama. A treasure chest, an icon by the comfortable beauty. The different compartments inside it stand out thanks to the exuberant shades of orange, because style starts from the inside.

Cindy Big Plain Cobra Rock, Cindy Big Plain Black and yet again its off-white version ... Let yourself be seduced by the Made in Italy quality of the Hibourama's Cindy bag.