On the occasion of the first edition of the Milan Jewelry Week, a week entirely dedicated to jewelery and the goldsmith art, which starts today, Thursday 24th October, Galleria Rossini is going to present a programming full of initiatives and events.

Marina Chiocchetta, direttrice artistMarina Chiocchetta, art director of the gallery, together with Sonia Patrizia Catena, critic and curator, have created "Jewelevent", an exhibition thoroughly focused on Made in Italy jewelery excellences. A real cultural encounter between different techniques and experiments born from the brain and creativity of foreign authors as well as from representatives of our country.ica della galleria, insieme a Sonia Patrizia Catena, critica e curatrice, hanno ideato "Jewelevent", una mostra del tutto incentrata sulle eccellenze Made in Italy del gioiello. Un vero e proprio incontro culturale tra diverse tecniche e sperimentazioni nate dall'ingegno e dalla creatività di autori stranieri così come dai rappresentanti del paese nostrano.

"The fame of the Italian goldsmith tradition goes beyond national borders and this is how authors from all over the world come to study jewelery arts in our districts, then exporting specializations and techniques to their countries" - Marco Rossini

Thanks to Italian craftsmanship, jewelery turns into a true work of art. The exhibition will feature a careful selection of unique and valuable pieces of an extended variety of authors: Antonio Giuliani, AZ Contemporary Jewels, Clizia Ornato, Ellence, Emmeperemme, Francesco Ridolfi, Glowing, Icudal, Lalice Arte Orafa, Larissa Rovati, Lunante, Maragisca, Opium Imaginarium, PaSCa Design, Teresa Rosalini, Vanesi, Werner Altingher. Tradition, research and modernity come together to give life to an exhibition rich in exclusive materials and refined designs.

Today at 18.00 the public will have the opportunity to meet the artists of the presented jewels; the exhibition will extend beyond the end of the Milan Jewelry Week, remaining open until November 16th. But not only that, because the Galleria Rossini has prepared a filled agenda of events not to be missed.

On Friday 25th October at 6.00 pm the "Diamonds of Leonardo Da Vinci" will be taking place, a tribute to the "Da Vinci Cut" a peculiar and unique stone cut that is able to present as many as 57 facets. The week will then continue with the launch of "Linea Gioielli Guia", an unpublished collection, the result of the winning collaboration between Guia Zapponi, actress, and Beatrice Zapponi, painter. The gallerist-goldsmith Marco Rossini and the stylist Francesca De Liguoro then give shape to creations with impeccable lines that reflect the taste and creativity of the four artists with exuberance.

An anthem to the Italian tradition and craftsmanship, to the jewel in its many forms and to the irresistible charm of the most precious materials.

For more information visit the official page Galleria Rossini.