Claudia Danna is a young, emerging designer with a precise identity, recognizable and identifiable in the constellation of Made in Italy. Her fashion, already indelible mark in the fashion industry, makes use of unusual materials, such as new rubber, plastic, resin, that highlight the resourcefulness of the designer and her tenacity in wanting to make wearable difficult substances. In her no border, nothing is off limits.

Born in Viterbo in 1989, she learns very young age the art of embroidery, then deciding to bet on herself and embrace fashion as a lifestyle choice. At 19 she moved to Rome to study as a fashion designer at the Accademia Altieri, crowning her career in 2013 by winning the Fashion Award Altieri. In 2014 she founded the brand Claudia Danna, a container of a highly experimental style where the rules are cleared and creativity appears transparent, authentic. Her hermetic creatures, marked mostly by geometric shapes or natural, these seem to have a heart, a soul, a mind: these pulsating life.

The collection Spring Summer 2016, with a couture sporty style, is contextualized in an uncertain reality, afraid of the future. This collection tells the mutation and the double meaning of the skin. Cage but also protective armor. Need crying desire separation. Perverse addiction. Sweatshirts, jackets, vests designed with mesh fabrics reminiscent of wounds, painful scars.

Shorts by veiled fabrics, screens that refer to deeper intrinsic meaning, the fear of exposure. Fabric garments almost scaly, quote cellular parallels. Processes such as 3D effects, where the imperceptible role of light is essential. The colors are soft pastel, ranging from powder pink, ivory, light blue only alternating hot unique, earthy geometric patterns with an ethnic flavor.

The woman wearing the creations of Claudia Danna is identified with a different femininity, sui generis, imaginative, out of any scheme and free from any bias. She appears to be floating in a parallel universe, extemporaneous, raised the fatal transience of time. The armor-dresses Claudia Danna hide a standoffish woman, elusive, full of secrets, protective of an inner world just wanting to escape the continuous brickbat spectacularization of ourselves. It is not yet time to shed the masks! For info

Giulia Fucile