Conspiracy is the secret impulse of those who wanted to revolutionize the state of things, with innovative spirit and futuristic vision, creating exclusive shoes through the use of unusual materials but which proved amazingly perfect.

The brand, launched by Gianluca Tamburini, in no time this has strongly distinguished and has been highly appreciated for the extraordinary synthesis of engineering and aesthetics that took it towards the luxury of the third millennium. Shoes that are real works of art, made with aircraft aluminum 6082 hand-polished, titanium, silver, precious elements molded around dreamlike visions.

Feathers, coral, crystals, gems adorn the hand-embroidered uppers and attached by titanium screws to the insole, this process offers the luxury of being able to replace the uppers for creating exclusive and unique solutions. Shoes jewelry crafted by expert craftsmen in Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, which combine fashion, technology, craftsmanship, true Made in Italy excellence.

Gianluca Tamburini, born in Modena, after earning a degree in Economics and Marketing, he carried a visceral passion for fashion he decided to continue his studies at Polimoda. After much research and experimentation, in 2011 he presented his first collection under the brand Conspiracy. Winner of the eighth edition of "Who is on next" in 2012, the competition for young fashion talents Made in Italy, he has won numerous awards, thus says Franca Sozzani: "Creativity is free and Gianluca Tamburini has shown it. His work is special and unique".

The Conspiracy shoes are unrelated to the concept of time and out of fashion schemes. In the "Twelve" series all models have a base metal, this makes it compatible and interchangeable the various parts so as to offer the possibility of personalization. In the "Aerial" series the insole of the shoe is regular and there is a possibility to change the decorative elements of the heel. Works of art on which to walk, the Conspiracy shoes are inspired by natural forms, organic, vegetal where are accentuated volumes and angles are smoothed. An intriguing design, unusual, that characterizes the style of Gianluca Tamburini, visionary and refined artist who, we are sure, he will achieve his dream: make his mark through his creations. For info