Dresses inspired by the passion for art, shaped by a lively creative flair and released in a manner bold as to patterns and trends: this is the Sylvio Giardina universe. Asymmetry, three-dimensional, contrasts come together into tissues and transform shapes, creating a light and sophisticated silhouette.

Sylvio Giardina, born in Paris, still very young, he moved to Rome to study Fashion Design at the Accademia di Costume e di Moda. Upon graduation he started working at the fashion house Gattinoni, experience for him crucial. Sylvio Giardina in 2011 decided to create the eponymous brand, to give life to his personal fashion concept.

SEVEN <7>, Sylvio Giardina’s new project draws its inspiration from “tangram”, the ancient Chinese puzzle obtained by dissecting a square into seven geometric shapes: “Pulling apart to recreate”. The collection is conceived on the definition of geometric shapes, yearning to break with strict rules in order to build dynamic geometries and ever-changing volumes.

Irregular cuts outline essential lines, asymmetrical hems and necklines of knit and satin dresses or trace velvet and vinyl intarsia on outerwear and slip dresses, reproducing alluring architectures. The fabrics’ industrial minimalism – as lacquered knit or neoprene velvet – blends with sartorial textiles such as brocade or satin. Innovation and tradition create a rhythm of formal instability underlining an ever-changing silhouette.

In the accessory collection the “tangram” geometric shape is the inspiration for processing new compositions. The earrings evoke small constellations and the peculiar brooches on the outfits give way to edgy shapes, arousing the wearer’s creativity. Sylvio Giardina, between experimentation and intuition, creates works of art in the form of clothes, clothes completely original and unique. "Art is the inspiration, and fashion the instrument. They are not separate entities, but complementary and indispensable to each other" For info sylviogiardina.com