Dario Scapitta : visions, art, feelings, glimpses of life. Simply, inspirations. Matter follows the way of creativity, it is molded into experimental ornaments, far from the most discounted sparkles, where luxury discovers a new form, valuable as distinguishable.

Manufacturing and the pervading sense of belonging make Dario Scapitta jewelry unique pieces to collect, talismans to give. Born and raised in Valencia, third tip with Arezzo and Vicenza of the Italian goldsmith triangle, Dario Scapitta could only find in the jewelry his fate, coming from a family professionally absorbed in this artistic world.

Based since 2010 in Enschede, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Set Design and Costume, and after he obtained an important master at the Arts and Crafts of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the crucial piece in his career. Here it comes in contact with a very innovative reality that combines the high aesthetic with advanced features, working with software such as CAD and 3D.

Nylon and synthetic materials become the starting point of Dario Scapitta sculptural jewelry. Large but lightweight, engaging in their strong colors. From the sparkling bubbles Sparkling collection, the sinuous Snake contemporary capsules, until arriving to the sweetness of the Black Rose line where the flower of femininity becomes the star of necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

The flexibility of nylon blends with the elegance of gold in Snake_evo, evolution of Snake, but now even more valuable. The stones and natural elements are the essence of Monolithic Collection, where the return to the origins, to the extreme purity and simplicity are expressed in silver, gold, blacks, bronze tones with rough surfaces alternated with glossy surfaces, finding their balance in the uninterrupted flow between inner and outer. The imagination of the jewel. Dario Scapitta. For info darioscapittadesign.com

Giulia Fucile