Denim Day today 27 May. The project born 15 years ago in the USA and promoted by Guess Foundation Europe in collaboration with The Circle Italia Onlus promotes a strong awareness against violence against women. An important fundraiser for the benefit of Di.Re., Donne in Rete contro la violenza .Wide, skinny, flared, baggy ... In all types and shades is just jeans! And if this becomes super star of an entire total look even better! Consider denim as a common trend does not make proper honor to the blue canvas best known and loved, to which was so dedicated a very special day, the Denim Day. Jeans as the flag of a good cause, the ambassador of committed life philosophies. Today May 27 is celebrated on Denim Day. Arrived this in Italy in its second edition, this particular event has its roots in the USA 15 years ago. This is a protest germinated and grew as a result of an acquittal by the Court of Cassation Italian that he had presumed innocent one rapist because the victim, pulling off her tight jeans, so she had proven to be consenting. From that sad event the Denim Day it has become a good opportunity to promote sensitization against violence in all its forms and manifestations.

ObFashion presents Denim Day

From the distant waist overalls, the first jeans labeled that way because identifiers of proletarian work clothing, to the casual trousers landed in Europe with the Allies at the end the Second World War. Unexpected icons of a younger fashion with timeless James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause or Marlon Brando, indelible snapshot in blacks unforgettable Levi's 501 Button Fly. From countercultural slogans, cry of refusal to stereotypical social conventions, anti-fashion, to the appearance and subsequent statement, in the most famous brand creations, today with Denim Day the historic fabric becomes a symbol of the struggle against violence. Its resounding power tirelessly in the most diverse collections. Holder of the scepter of trends or simple co-starred its presence in fashion is guaranteed. The more formal suit is overtaken by more innovative outfits entirely of jeans proposed by Martino Midali: the classic jacket is replaced by a large, egg coats combined with a linear trousers of the same fabric.Destroyed and washed out is the jeans signed by MarcoBologna and proposed an alternative, practical clothes.A particularly casual, never anonymous. Precious and fringed the bracelet by Piano B,fashion arm ornament. Denim become coat for Fendi: maxi amplitudes are modeled on a sturdy fabric softened by bleaches shades. Cape of a modern princess. Snags and splashes adorn the blue canvas declined in a soft pouch or slip-on comfortable the Dsquared2 brand.Forms over invade the outfits designed by Cristaseya:a pure leg pants style 70's perfect with a jacket so minimal, but so surprisingly chic!

ObFashion presents Denim Day 2016

Striped and whimsical is the jeans from Acne Studios. And even the eyes are colored in blue with glasses of Diesel. Ironic patchwork for comfortable trousers Meltin'Pot, rider of a super current trend contemporary, a lover of joyful patches, a trend that also appears in the backpack hyper decorated Pomikaki. Clean tailoring from MSGM where the straight way of a revised blouse converge into a big bow for a total touch denim. Lively class for mini bags of Valentino inlaid and overflown by colorful butterflies applications. Possible appearance of more different looks is the Stroili, where strass light up even the most casual fabric. And for a perfect street style inevitable Converse in denim! The glamorous touch is given, however, the maxi bag Miu Miu, trimmed with white handles and seasoned bands with gold metal inserts. From the catwalk to the street, from the '60s to the present day, we celebrate the denim and support this at this date to remember.

Giulia Fucile