Laura Forte: metallic emotions captured and shaped into sophisticated design objects all to admire, wear, show. Jewels steeped in minimalism and artistry. Clean, essential lines, unexpected surprises to details. To contemplate and show off.

Born in Copertino in 1982, Laura Forte from adolescence began to pander her innate predisposition to manual skills and creativity, attending the School of Arte Orafa Applicata in Lecce. The strong passion for the noble metals and for all that the jewelry is and represents, this will induce she to deepen her studies at Ente di formazione Irigem in Rosà, thus qualifying as a goldsmith. Her resume is dotted with brilliant stages: from the important stages in Bassano del Grappa at Graser Jewels jewelry, one of spearheads of the sector , at no fewer relevant experience in the goldsmith laboratory MF di Ferdinando Bonamiglio. After specializing in gemology, finally she works in the jewelery company Tre Esse. In 2005 the right intuition, the realization of the most remarkable jewel: the opening in the hometown of a goldsmith laboratory . Nest where create and produce precious creatures entirely followed and perfected in every aspect and nuance, from the watchful eye of the young jewelery designers.

Forged primordial elements in sensory jewelry, current times unstoppable expressions. Glimpses of interiority, of a personal vision of the cosmos. Gold, silver, enameled: means of transport for an introspective journey. Personal reflections and interpretations of the world. Game of joints in Irregular Geometries, earrings made from gold, silver and enamels. Rectangular pendants shrewd in engaging small, sharp triangles. Breaking points. Experimental perimeters. New lives. Strict great bracelet, skeleton of lines interrupted by an unexpected golden circle. Formal abstract purity. Apparent idyll where the lines become markers of a perfect balance. Yes but precarious. Puppet moved by invisible strings, the only obstacle to the unknown but free chaos. The gold becomes cage in a sculptural, rounded ring, figuration of a typical aviary in romantic French style.

Strong lines but sweetened by semicircular paths. Dome of private feelings but also the prison of self. Bitter sweet. Multiple circular boundaries, sometimes enriched with isolated, pink precious stones, blends and ranging from a silvery metallic base, the pin of the massive ring. Echoes of ordinary reality only rarely shaken by unexpected pleasant events. Winner of Jevelevent -Terra 2015 at the Rossini Gallery in Milan, the Origin ring encloses exponentially within it the talent and flair signed Laura Forte. Manifesto bare strip of land, intrinsic creative power. Small golden stalks increase silent where once dominated anything. Nature, fertility, constitutive principle, hope. The inexplicable mystery of the beauty of life. Not simply jewelry. Metal, precious extensions of the self. From her eyes, to her mind, to her creations. For info

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