ITS2016 celebrates, this year, fifteen years of history, creativity, evolution of the fashion. The International Talent Support Project, launched in 2002 by Barbara Franchin, this has become a solid springboard for young talents from all over the world. Between 935 portfolio coming from 53 different countries, were chosen the 41 finalists that, Saturday, July 16 will present their creations in Trieste, within the picturesque Salone degli Incanti.

ObFashion presents ITS2016 fashion finalists -

ITS, International Talent Support is a beacon that illuminates the new trends, unknown roads that young talent take through their creations, a source of ideas and mirror of the future. A process that began fifteen years ago by Barbara Franchin, founder and artistic director of the contest, with passion and devotion she has developed a platform that provides support, visibility and opportunities to young designers from around the world.

ObFashion presents ITS2016 accessories finalists

The edition of ITS2016, dedicated to the theme Utopia, consists of four areas: ITS FASHION, ITS ACCESSORIES, ITS JEWELRY, ITS ARTWORK. The finalists for ITS Fashion: Olesya Serchenko, Mayako Kano, Hayk Gabrielyan, Flora Miranda, Séro Oh, Birute Mazeikaite, Cheng Zong Yu, Shinhwan Kim ,Anna Bornhold, Niels Gundtoft Hansen, Stefanie Tschirky. The finalists for ITS accessories: Helen Kirkum, Melanie Lewiston, Biyuan Zhang, Ilaria Fiore, Tsugumi Elkawa, Le Roni Sachelaridi, Jana Zornik, Young Jin Jang, Woo Jung Jung, Chu-Ting Lee.


The finalists for ITS jewelry are: Elizabeth Lee, Yuanjing Dong, Xi Xia, Garance Brandely, Sari Rathel, Gisela F. Juwono & Larasati D. Putri, Masaki Shimizu, Chinami Tokizawa, Tatiana Lobanova, Alyssa Lee. For ITS Artworks : Wenxin Lee, Karan Torani, Marco Baitella, Chinami Tokizawa, Hazuki Katagai, Birute Mazeikaite, Jana Zornik, Han Kim, Sheila Pazos, Cheng Zong Yu.


A prestigious jury will judge the finalists of the four sections, here are some names: Carlo Capasa, Nicola Formichetti, Demna Gvasalia, Valerie Steele, Silvia Venturini Fendi, Riccardo Vannetti, Sara Maino, Simone Marchetti, Angelo Flaccavento, Deanna Ferretti Veroni. Everything is ready, then, for the highly anticipated event ... you're curious to find out who will win? Follow us!