If you are one of those women who love the elegance of the past, this is the exhibition for you. If you are calling for a change artist then ...also for you this is the right place!"Dress Artfully" tells a century of fashion and Made in Italy thanks to the style changes played by Emma Bardini, daughter of the well-known collector Stefano Bardini. Introduced by her father in the refined world of fashion, Emma represented an icon of elegance made of clothes, hats, vests and accessories of all kinds ... went unfortunately lost in the time but testified by the many images and photos. And right on the rhythm of these images the collector Beatrice Albrici today presents a selection and an amazing collection of vintage clothes, unearthed during years of research in the world of the aristocracy and upper middle class Italian: 43 clothes-icons, as must haves we love to call them today, that show from the 20s to 80s, the size and the levels achieved by Italian tailoring of the '900, and a simultaneous jump in space and time trends of the last century. In the evocative Museo Stefano Bardini in Florence opens today (up to February 22, 2016) one of the best tributes to women and to the style that has accompanied in her transformations, witnessing the cultural and social progress, until arriving at the gates of revolution in the '60s. Finally, but not least, the show is also for those who simply want to feast his eyes with clothes of disarming beauty, fabrics of the highest level, cut and handcrafted: you know that you will see pieces of Valentino embroidered tape, caps 50s with plumes and flowers, silk dresses by Nina Ricci, a sugar paper eighties by Thierry Mugler, dressed in paillettes multicolor or perforated optical that could easily live our closets today. So you enjoy a bit 'of the past, appreciating many details that gave rise to the contemporary fashion, to our Made In Italy, influencing it and often even inspiring.

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The exhibition certainly evoke even in modern visitors a spirit old style and a widespread desire to Vintage: so you should move from the district of San Niccolo where there is the Museo Bardini to Piazza Santa Croce, in via de' Benci 32, for Boutique Nadine. More than store we talk about here of a concept store famous for clothes, accessories and furniture. If you want to breathe an air a little 'more international immerse yourself in the gallery of Instagram by Carole Tanenbaum… you do you will be kidnapped. We leave you with some creations choices for you that inspired us in this style: hat with plumes for a touch of sophistication and at the same time a little eccentricity by Kreisi Couture, cyclamen silk dress with spoting contrasting inserts on the shoulders by Caterina Gatta , dress by Valentino made of lace St. Gallen now very fashionable, black dress by Thierry Mugler .

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INFOMuseo Stefano BardiniVia dei Renai 37 – Florence, ITALYFrom the 18 December 2015 until the 22 February 2016Open hours: Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 11am-5pmClosed: December 25 and January 1, 2016Ticket: EUR 6.00 (+ Museum)http://museicivicifiorentini.comune.fi.it/bardini Daphne