A concentration of history and Italian pride: today we speak of the new guide "Italia su misura" presented a few days ago in Milan and dedicated to 100 carefully selected companies Italian craftsmanship.


Made by the publisher Gruppo Editoriale in cooperation with Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte and OmA Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte, with the valuable support of the Maison Vacheron Constantin, Italian tailor is a journey of discovery of entrepreneurial traditions and crafts of our country thanks to the companies described herein, often with a centenary past behind, passed down from generation to generation.From north to south, including islands, 100 carefully selected addresses flagship of Italian craftsmanship: from ceramics to jewelry and fabrics;by silver tailoring and accessories; from musical instruments to the cribs; from glass mosaic and wrought iron….… Through the lens of photographer Dario Garofalo,, the guide has entered some of the best shops and workshops Italian , immortalizing the faces, the hands, the tools of the masters of art and thus revealing the great tradition that is handed down from generation to generation. An editorial initiative that aims to enhance and promote the art of knowing how to do the job that gives life to the creations unique and customized, symbol of excellence and know-how that make Italy one of the main reference points for the superior craftsmanship.The guidebook, which also matches the portale italia-sumisura.it, a guide in two languages (Italian and English), the format easy, valuable and searchable, thought to be also useful tool for cultural tourism and responsible, 440 pages for a total of over 800 new images, strongly supported by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte with Associazione Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte - OmA, and made possible by the generous support of Vacheron Constantin , the historic Maison Haute Horlogerie in Geneva.

SELECTED FOR YOUAmong all products present in the companies in the guide "Italia su misura" we suggest some lovely pieces for both design and quality, as simple and casual outfit to wear every day.

guida Italia su misura

1) Cape by Lucia Boni Arazzi. Back in vogue this winter, the cape is representing this season a master key to be worn with tight pants and leather jacket or with male pants. Lucia Boni is famous since 1978 for jackets, coats, coats and accessories hand-woven on a vertical loom using the tapestry technique and offers a quality above all expectations.

2) Bag crocodile leather Giosa, by Giorgio Santamaria. One of those things out of the dynamic brand that needs no comment, one of those items that you own and has been handed down for generations.

3) Sunglasses Circe by Ozona Occhiali. An accessory that's good for the most stylish and the most dandy, created by Sandro Gonnella and for sale in a workshop-boutique where the glasses are designed and created in an almost tailoring in the historic center of Perugia.