A laudable initiative of the Lazio Region to promote young creative territory. With the program Lazio Creativo beyond to funding Start Up through the Fund Creativity and the creation of the Fab Lab in different cities, the Lazio Region makes known young designers through the distribution of the book "Lazio Creativo - 100 Stories Of Creativity", which It takes the name of the same program. In the book "Lazio Creativo - 100 Stories Of Creativity", narrative and photographic reportage on creativity, ten authors recount ten young emerging in ten different sectors: Fashion, Architecture and Design, Art & Photography, Advertising and Visual Communication, Publishing Illustration and Comics, Theatre, Music, Cinema and Audiovisual and New Technologies, Start Up Creative. For the section Fashion here are the protagonists: Benedetta Bruzziches , Luca De Rubeis, Maya Di Lello, Michela Fasanella, Tiziano Guardini, Livia Lazzari, Mentelocale Creazioni Tessili, Fanny Raponi, Sensum Lab, White*

The book "Creative Lazio - 100 Stories Of Creativity" was published both in print and in electronic format, in Italian and English. The new Made in Italy is enriched and improved thanks to these projects that sustain and support the dreams of young talents. The Regional Minister for Culture and Youth Policies, Lidia Ravera, says:

"Creative Lazio - 100 Stories Of Creativity" is a book but not all. It is something more, a work group made up of young people who have created enterprise, culture, brands and also new routes, inclusive projects. Men and women who have ridden the precariousness becoming entrepreneurs themselves, ten stories developed in ten different sectors narrated by ten writers, indicated by experts. They were interviewed and offered for 2000 characters: tales well-written, well-designed and proposed to those who still believe in hope. A book, an anthology of stories true to read and to look with 100 photographic portraits where you feel a wave of positivity, creativity and optimism. "100creativilazio on Ob-Fashion

The curators of the Fashion Section Maurizio GalanteContributors to the volume LazioCreativo 100 Stories of Creativity 2016 EditionLidia Ravera, Regional Minister for Culture and Youth PoliciesMiriam Cipriani, Regional Director for Culture and Youth PoliciesCulture and Youth Policies DepartmentFigurative arts, Cinema, Visual arts and Multimedia DepartmentAndrea Ciampalini, Lazio Innova Director GeneralAlessandra Tomeo, Lazio Innova Director of CommunicationsPierluigi RegoliMaddalena VianelloFrancesca ManciniStefania TrincaOffice of the Regional Minister for Culture and Youth PoliciesEditorial Staff:Daniela Ubaldi, curator/chief editorTara Dashti, assistant editorPaolo Ricci, editorRichard McKenna, translatorLuigi Vernieri, art directorRoberto Terrinoni, graphic designerAntonio Barrella, photographyLucia de Grimani, stylingSimone Strano and Tiziano Mario Castelli, assistant photographersManuela Marotta and Alessandra Cuono, post-productionThe backstage photos are by:Lucia de Grimani, Simone Strano and Tiziano Mario CastelliLocation/production Studio Orizzonte - RomeThe curators of the 10 sections: Maurizio Galante, DavidePaterna, Anna Mattirolo, Paola Manfroni, Loredana Lipperini,Graziano Graziani, John Vignola, Piera Detassis, Riccardo Luna,Alessio Gismondi and Alessandra Torella.