EdithMarcel: sum of graceful lines, gentle, alternating to the stiffness of textile volumes without sex or name. Hybridization, mixture of items once belonging to certain types of gender and now fluid, loose liquidity. Farewell preconceptions or conventional styles, space for genderless fashion innovation canceling limits. In an incisive social historical moment like this, fashion and its inherent speed, captures and represents, without debate or controversy, what is happening. Mirror of society, the revolution taking place. That's the philosophy, the conceptual wave ride the emerging brand Made in Italy EdithMarcel.

Created in 2015 by fashion designer Gianluca Ferracin and architect Andrea Masato, both formed at the IUAV in Venice, this young brand feeds on high quality and experimentation. Outfits that go beyond the already known concept of unisex but embody the same projects for women than for men. To get to the synthesis of the two different physicality and create a new profile, a new status without imposed definitions, where everyone can be or become something else. Freely. Without too many questions, or why.

With the intent to explain and share the same idea of clothing from the right fit for both genders. Tribute to Edith Piaf and her boxer Marcel Cerdan, EdithMarcel debuts at Pitti88 and then from there to be unstoppable recognized and involved in important initiatives of scouting, from the Fashion Lab at the Fashion Hub Market, through the latest, expected edition of Who is On Next? Donna 2016. Simply talent.

For the Spring - Summer 2016 square shapes compose blocks of colored geometries. Gentle soul for him, for her severity. Short pleated, mini white dresses from the profiles and the black pockets, jackets defined by skillful tailoring, with a strong, artisanal identity , with attention to the smallest detail. Innovative suit, new suit idiom, with pants by the extravagant flap off white. To fill the eyes, hit with style. Nothing segmentations, demarcations. Here is a new concept of fashion. For info http://www.edithmarcel.it/

Giulia Fucile