Schield: innovative construction of the jewel, small glittering architecture based on a purely artisan workmanship and a solid tradition. Contemporary forms, borders made of technique and craftsmanship typical only of high jewelery. Not only luxury jewelery brand, but the concept which ranges unstoppable in pure creativity, in every aspect and mutation: from design, photography and fashion.

Founder and creative director of this emerging brand launched in 2012 in Florence, is Roberto Ferlito. Sicilian, born in 1981, long since established in Tuscany, initially he attended art school and then further studies in Milan. After the cooperation with well-known brands, even international, of the fashion industry, from Roberto Cavalli and Vivienne Westwood, he decided to channel all his formative experiences in a new adventure, a journey that has as its only destination his most personal success: Schield. He builds from scratch an innovative interpretation of the jewel, more incisive, determinant, right, for a woman free from schemes and stereotypes.

In a time when the notion of luxury appears changed and redefined, contained in a more subtle sobriety, Schield it precedes every conformity with impactful glance. Nature, flowers, and even forged teeth in metal compositions, illusory liquid jewels that seem to dissolve in deforming reality. Contemporary approach that finds the unique essence of the Made in Italy and handmade character: each piece is meticulously maintained and refined by Italian craftsmen.

To make further winning everything is the contribution made by the collaboration of photographer Diego Diaz Marin framing a surreal aesthetics. Indispensable presence that emphasizes the brand's essence and its being a container of vibrant trends, lifestyle. The Schield jewels enclose a soul, a sensory design. Creative outlet, impulsivity. Children of a stylistic code suited to inventiveness, overruling fleeting trends, followers of a single watchword: distinction. Chosen in the accessories section, as one of the twelve finalists of the imminent fashion scouting Who is On Next? Woman 2016, Schield amazes and surprises with aesthetic bizarre and never dull. For info

Giulia Fucile