Mhoneiro: young brand projected towards a new vision of men's shoe. Futurists lines and profiles with a sporty chic soul for a new concept of sneakers. Avant-garde design between contemporaneity and artisanal knowledge indistinguishable Made in Italy.

This is the formula for success Mhoneiro, brand launched in 2014 in Caserta from the intuition of Nicola Smarra and his love for fashion. Constantly creative and relentless stylistic development, Mhoneiro is meticulously attentive to detail. Not only shoes made with fine leathers and purely national tanned only in Italy, finely executed seams, but also a very respectable packaging. The luxury in the details.

Conceived and designed for a young man, attentive to trends, to aesthetic but also to the substance. Away from a classic fashion concept he studies a different way to stand out, a sophisticated comfort, to never go unnoticed starting right from shoes. The brand's workhorse model is the Aulica forged on a high-quality leather, which has its foundations on the white rubber sole preformed for a sneaker high with so many colors. The taste is extremely modern: no more classical strings but only two waxed cotton laces stopped and adjusted with a metal insert and a big ripping from more sporty mood. The model Impera is instead the revised declination of Aulica model, designed on a low proposal. Blue, beige, pink, black, gray: this is the color palette mixed in the various shoes.

More sober the Armor model that proposes a more traditional style with a high sneaker but with laces. Latest model, but certainly not for style, Natum, the low version of Armor, which is characterized by a strict clean lines. In the last collection is essential the support of designers Vanna Quattrini, Senior Designer at Tod's. Mhoneiro is a step forward, the impetus, the essential footprint of the future. For info

Giulia Fucile