Vaerso: a new brand arrives in the world of shoes, certainly not on tiptoe but affirming and distinguishing itself with determination, from the first footprints! At a moment when fashion seems to prefer shades, never clearly demarcated territories, but rather open to contamination, Vaerso fully embodies the spirit of admixture, dialogue between different elements interposed between sporty and chic.

The style of this brand, born in the quadrangle of the Italian fashion, comes from collaboration with the stylist Federica Cataneo, eclectic figure very attentive to new trends. As a result of an excellent education acquired at the Marangoni Institute in Milan, and after important collaborations such as Dolce & Gabbana, Rebelle, Vogue, Enrica Ponzellini, Federica Cataneo decides to to chase a direction in the pursuit of novelty and differentiation, starting however from tradition.

Vaerso debuts with the launch of the Spring - Summer 2016 focusing all your attention on the idea of single-product, in particular the slipper. A line already known but completely new according to Vaerso version, highly contemporary. Not accessory but key potential avant-garde look. Creativity continues to always have fun, but not only, also on the slipper in the Fall - Winter 2016-17, embellishing the details as fine fur inserts.

To expand the line a valuable winter boots and sneakers in pastel colors, studied and reinterpreted in Vaerso vision, where the casual goes always hand in hand with femininity and trendy, and the eye remains careful, watchful of minimal forms with important details , such as tassels, stones. Fun game of contrasts, mix and match neutral tones alternated with spikes or finishes shock. Walking with the times, walking with style! For info

Giulia Fucile