Poculum. From Latin glass in precious pane, cup. If you are already wondering what has to do now fashion with all that, stop and listen well to this tale, the story of one of the most promising young new brand that will certainly not shatter like a broken glass! Even this time the fashion has left his mark and so distant glasswork was born unexpectedly an exclusive and acclaimed trend product. No more fabrics or fine silks, now the bow tie is made of glass!

Among the affections and the great craftsmanship of his grandfather and father, as a child Umberto Tofoni grows in the family glassworks, in Sant ' Elpidio, where he quickly learns a trade and learn to appreciate the historicity of tradition. But the developed creativity and hidden inside him is one day randomly its debut: after seeing his father carve a glassy shaped sculpture man he decides to apply an equal bow tie and then to wear it to a party. From there a river in flood. A shot of style that put k.o. the most attentive fashion addicted.

So the pane remains constant, the family inheritance began in 1957 and shaped by him, however, adapted to its more appropriate to be: the innovative Poculum brand founded in 2014. The bowtie poculum become hallmark of guaranteed craftsmanship and Made in Italy, no longer simple accessory or crowning but base and focus of structured look both male and female. Each piece is unique, only forged of tempered glass, hand cut with the cutting edge and always decorated with drawings and only devised by himself.

The imagination signed Umberto Tofoni not find brakes on bow ties a beloved time from dandy. Many proposals lines: the elements of the "Cathedral" inspired by the French Gothic cathedrals to shock colors of "Fruit"; the playful polka dots or geometric patterns on the version "Order" to "Basic" inspired by famous people, to the "Mirror" with intriguing mirrored base and elegant detachment clearance between the base and engraving.

Of incredible value the precious papillon entirely covered with swarovski, attacked one by one with a secret technique. And like all jewelry also poculum creations could not be kept from a treasure chest of respect: a case for bow ties, a box of colored leather, entirely Made in Italy, marked by nice engraving "fragile brand". Poculum is the game, the detail that allows you to reinvent themselves every day, to decide what more we like to be. Artistic explosion never go unnoticed, to laugh and smile behind a bow tie! For info www.poculum.com

Giulia Fucile