Cecilia Arpa, for all girls who want to dress in funny lightness. Ironies pop, textile joys, very special connections, roads not yet drawn: mathematics can disguise of garments in vogue and tailoring pedantic. Here is the brand that for theorems and deductions get to create real dreams of cloth. Nothing yawning or tedious calculations, only conceptions intellectuals capable of giving life to a young filled brand of hilarity and colorful positivity.

Who created this brand is Cecilia Arpa, Tuscany, young engineer, daughter of builders. Her destiny seemed to be obvious, already written and instead ... After opening a blog using a stage name, she decides to get serious, founding her most ingenious construction. A brand based on nature, literature and mathematics. And her debut at the Milan Fashion Week with the collection Spring - Summer 2016 "Flowers and Words" is breathtaking. In her creations the tape rewinds on the years '50 volumes and colors of the '60s: red, yellow, lime green, sage, pink and blue sky. The bizarre, the joy and the laughter are the threads that are woven into garments able to surprise, to bring a smile to woman. Antidote to boredom and conventionality.

Silk skirt as a blank sheet of paper to write a story, the fabulous conversation between Alice, the Tiger Lily and the Rose. Flowers that become sleeves, corolla skirts born by digitizing a real rose petals, organza games and overlapping transparencies, pockets that magically turn into clouds or daisies. baseball caps as flower gardens, bomber from the sporty look, the right dose of contrast to alternate with most romantic look.

And then the ingeniousness: a stole that is inspired by the Möbius strip, inscribed with the song by Sergio Endrigo “Ci vuole un Fiore”, or flared skirt derived from Metamorphosis by Escher built on several steps, from the grid, the pied de poule, up to the tulips on the hemline, also hiding in reality another intellectual step. Printing in fact it has been inserted in a network of spirals that follows the Fibonacci series. With Cecilia Arpa colors, designs, patterns cry and call to dabble in clothing game. It takes a flower to make a tree, it takes inspiration to do art, it takes knowledge to do great things, it takes talent to make creativity! For info www.cecilia-arpa.it

Giulia Fucile