Superduper Hats: What goes through your head? Fantasies, thoughts, desires, desire to play and feel free. In a time when the predominant fast fashion and novelty is always ready to surprise at every corner, Super Duper responds with a completely unconventional philosophy realizing hats as unique products, from tangible craftsmanship. Ironic in taste but serious and highly professional in spirit, in the Italian and handmade substance. Lines and volumes from a revised and sophisticated allure a bit retro, daughters of a large creativity only healthy edge and constantly evolving. Stroke of genius. To distinguish themselves with a touch of sophistication.

The SuperDuper Hats brand was conceived by a young and determined trio. Ilaria Cornacchini, architect with a great vocation for fashion and its system, encouraged by the specialization at Polimoda in Fashion Design; her sister Veronica Cornacchini, professional dancer, who graduated in Florence in Design and a Master of Wearable Technology; Matteo Gioli, musician and graphic artist for various record labels. different worlds that are intertwined in a single vision, a single love: SuperDuper. The brand was born in 2010 almost by accident as inspiration received from an ancient wooden forms for hats, it becomes the project daily fed and nourished by a new generation, and desirous of giving light and splendor to a impeccable must of the fashion.

What would have been Charlie Chaplin without his bowler hat, the wizard without his top hat, Alice in Wonderland without her mad hatter?!? So hat wears contemporaneity, innovation signed SuperDuper Hats. After his debut in 2010 with the acclaimed capsule collection "Super Duper on a Tree" designed for the famous Milan event Cherie's Tree House, they win in 2013 the contest "Who is On Next?" Man 2013. Not simple decoration but idea through which invent, accentuate our style.

Masterpieces to lose their heads await us for the Fall - Winter 2016-17. From the hilarious hat adorned with feathers until to maxi style fedora hats like a true gentleman. As canvases, improvised paintings, poured of paint so here is unique and inimitable look.

Baseball caps for an informal mood and attentive to detail, to sophisticated fabric: with female feathers or sports mesh inserts for the male version. Turbans, twists from the far eastern aftertaste made contemporary by punk profiles. SuperDuper Hats: for those who love to stand out with an original style and refined. For info

Giulia Fucile