Growing efforts to support emerging fashion talents. This year, in fact, during Milan Fashion Week which will be September 23 to 28, the President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, Carlo Capasa, announced, in addition to all the new location also the creation of the Fashion Hub Market, one space dedicated to new brands that will be able to present their collections to buyers and the press. At the new location, the Pavillion on the Square Gae Aulenti, there will be for young talents, in addition to the Fashion Hub Market, also the room The Mall, offered by the CNMI to designers who don't have a space in Milan to present the new collections. Are also offered by the city of Milan the Sala delle Cariatidi of the Palazzo Reale as a space for young designers, while Giorgio Armani, as every year, he will host the fashion show in his theater of an emerging talent, that this year she will Daizy Shely.

Fashion Hub Market

Among the 17 selected international talents for Fashion Hub Market here the young Italians involved:

Damiano Marini, that after his studies and important partnerships in March 2015 he decided to create his own project. Quality footwear that blends Italian tradition , a cosmopolitan taste, experimentation with materials and colors, highlighting an intriguing femininity.

Edithmarcel, brand launched in 2015 by Gianluca Ferracin and Andrea Masato. A study of gender-based lines, shapes, volumes, which aims to create designs suitable for both men and women, a minimalist and versatile that focuses on the details.

Emanuele Bicocchi creates jewels characterized by tangles of metal mesh. Style punk - rock is the hallmark of all his creations incredibly charming and attractive.

Flavia La Rocca, Roman designer, she expresses her creativity through recycled fabrics and unusual materials along a vision made of sustainability and ecology. She has created the eponymous label in 2011 and, after taking part in several competitions, she has won many awards.

Les Petits Joueurs is a brand of handbags created by Maria Sole Cecchi, an idea was born almost by accident in 2010. Bags made entirely by hand and customized with Lego pieces taste ironic, crisp and incredibly glamorous.

L'F Shoes, brand launched by Licia Florio and Francio Ferrari, united in life and work, this is contraddistigue for the vivid colors and contrast of materials. Shoes made as unique pieces, beyond the line of brogue, that has achieved considerable success in the last year has been included a line of shoes with heels.

Shield is a line of jewelry created by Roberto Ferlito that, after years as an accessories designer for Roberto Cavalli, he decided to give life to your project. A visionary approach and a strong artistic content combined with a high dose of irony and a handicraft realization of high quality.

Studiopretzel is a project conceived by Emiliano Laszlo, which starts from a philosophy that cancels the kind and highlights comfort. A line of clothes made by skilled artisans in Tuscany with soft fabrics and natural elegance contaminated by the simplicity.

Twins Florence is a brand that was founded in February 2015 by the creative impulse of Linda Calugi. Sparse and vintage style meets innovative materials and cutting edge in a mixture of genres for a completely unique look.

Voodoo Jewels is the brand of jewelry created by young designers Livia Lazzari. Jewelry handcrafted with natural materials that enclose a strong connection with the universe, rough surfaces and atmospheres wild evoke a mysterious charm and elusive.

On the horizon a new Italian fashion, for the one who chooses to take alternative routes exciting style.