Silhouette, body shape, fitting… today our post is dedicated to some really special fashion tricks, to some small but precious tips to enhance our body by focusing on the right accessories and garments. Very often when we are in shopping mode, we focus on the concept of size, ignoring the fitting of a dress rather than a coat, for example: nothing more wrong. Learn to know your body, to play with shapes and volumes, to enhance your strong points as well as the less strong ones, to indulge yourself with styles and colors.

Building balanced looks and in tune with your body shape will lead you to enhance yourself even more, to be casual and confident even in the most whimsical or elegant combinations. Tight waistline, abundant breasts, height, small shoulders... even if each person is wonderfully unique, it is possible to identify some silhouettes as the common denominator and combine perfect outfits! So are you ready to discover our fashion tricks?


It is called this because it recalls, starting from the name, the shape of an hourglass. Harmonious and soft in the lines: the hourglass body shape is characterized by its sinuous curves and narrow waist. Which garments to prefer? Definitely dresses, skirts and high-waisted trousers or accessories such as belts that enhance the waistline; green light for midi lengths that wink at vintage or the rigor of tailored trousers to combine with light and feminine blouses.

Also famous as a "pear" body shape, this is characterized by having the upper part of the body smaller than the lower one. Shoulders, chest and breasts smaller and less prosperous than the buttocks, hips and legs. What are the most suitable looks for this type of physicality? You can play with shapes and find your perfect balance by focusing on A-line skirts and dresses, straight trousers or classic cigarette models, shirts and blouses embellished with ruffles, puffed sleeves, embroidery and voluminous effects.


Also known as an "apple" body, it is characterized by its softer and more prosperous shapes in the upper part of the body and smaller in the lower part (the opposite of the pear shape). Focus on minimal blouses and knitwear, preferring V-necks to enhance and streamline the silhouette. Play with lengths and overlaps, wearing long cardigans or open deconstructed blazers on t-shirts or shirts to mix with skinny jeans, cigarette pants. Opt for mini skirts, pleated dresses, garments with pleats.

Shoulders and hips of the same size, minute shapes, little marked waistline: the rectangle body is characterized by its linear shapes, balanced in the upper part as in the one below. Having a rectangle body shape allows you to indulge yourself, to play with creativity, mixing volumes and different garments. It is the ideal shape for all those slightly androgynous looks such as palazzo pantsuits, soft jumpsuits, but also outfits that reconstruct shapes by focusing on structured fabrics and woven fabrics. Draping, rouches, one-shoulder dresses, empire-cut dresses, but also maxi skirts with a soft line combined with puff-sleeved tops to build new volumes and new proportions.

So have you taken note? For your next shopping session don't forget our fashion tricks!