Colored, bold, precious, feathered: beautiful to look at, they soften the face and features with style and elegance. Everyone can wear it: it is good for those with long, short, bob hair, for those who love to wear their hair down or for those who collect them in tails or chignon.

Headbands are really depopulating, ranking among the most desired accessories of the moment. But the history of the headband certainly does not begin today: its origin dates back to a long time ago, when already in the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans, wreaths were worn in the hair on special occasions.

Over time, its character of exclusivity and use only on holidays has faded, giving way to a fashion accessory, combined with different styles and looks, easy-to-wear.


In the 1920s it was paired with medium-short bob cuts, moved by waves; and also the great Coco Chanel, a lover of hats and accessories for the head, gives them the interpretation of her, fresh, new and easy to wear as the strength of her fashion.

With the rise of the famous Dior New Look, its corolla skirts, the Bar Jacket and the A-line, the headband reveals its more graceful and bon ton soul. Loved by divas and princesses of yesteryear, such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, as well as by those of today like Kate Middleton and by all lovers of lady-like style.

And it is precisely in the wake of the lady-like style that Prada has relaunched it for seasons now as one of the cult accessories, in the iconic rounded version of him. A must that never ceases to tire and excite us, reinvented and reinterpreted in different shapes, colors and materials. A touch of class to add immediately to your next looks: discover our selection of headbands.

P.S. In Anglo-Saxon countries the headband is known as the Alice Band: exactly from the iconic Alice in Wonderland headband.