Flapper: an accessory, an idea. Well fixed in the mind, firmly on the.. head! Elegance suits new forms, declined into sophisticated headgear imbued with artistry. Founded in 2013, Flapper is the right balance between contemporary and vintage spirit.

Result of careful work to favor the Made in Italy and its accurate processing, this emerging brand finds in Italian- Belgian Genevieve Xhaet its creator. Born in Biella, home of fine fabrics and special craftsmanship, she reflects in her creations tradition and knowledge, learned here since she was young. The natural and noble fabrics like wool, cashmere and linen become materia for draw shapes from the imaginery of the Roaring '20s. The steps taken by the women of the time to a first conquest of emancipation are now processed in turbans, headbands and hats designed to ensure a modern femininity but in the same way as in the past, eager to untie herself from all conventionality.

The cured cuts, enhanced by intense colors and enriched with decorations, denote the very beginning this exclusive brand, involving also the recent FW 2016-17 collection. Peggy Guggenheim and her tribute to art history are the inspirations for the latest addition to the Flapper home. The boldness and character of this important figure, dedicated to the construction of the museum as art protection, are transposed in the lines and in the essence of a capsule intent to stand out. The Antoine Peusner sculptures are echoed in headdresses reasoned, rational in the processing, emotional spirit. In materials there is great new, nylon, which gives a boost to the current to the retrò allure. Between past and present, between knowledge and madness. A habit, a game, a way of being: Flapper. For info flapper.it

Giulia Fucile