The Fly Jewels: Just a dream! A dream, a mantra. Armed with desires, brave of passions, adorned with jewels. From idea to project, from dream to reality: it is the architect Aurelia Gagliano, in the recent 2015, to create small sparkling delicacies, giving rise to a unique brand, strong in its belief. “The world is in the hands of those who dare to dream and live their dreams”, wrote Paulo Coelho, so The Fly Jewel embraced this philosophy.

The simple graphics, the refinement of precious materials that blend into unique shapes made by master craftsmen is bound to the use of a target not only adults but to an audience that wants to stand for elegance and originality. A simple silver jewelry enriched with chrome and gold colored small crystals, bring to a luxury that everyone can afford. 925 silver becomes the canvas of simple shapes, refined graphics that see in the fly the protagonist symbol. Regarded by the ancient Egyptians metaphor of courage, this little animal here becomes a good luck charm. Both for her and for him, entirely Made in Italy, The Fly Jewels is the particular, the researched detail, the must have.

Waxed rope bracelets with silver pendents and gold trimmings are alternated with silver boule chains, embellished with bright colored charms, inhabited by small chests of light. The trend and the design meet sophisticated style, never excessive. Each pieces is made by Italian craftsmen, skilled hands able to enclose in an accessory the sense of making us feel unique, important because we ourselves. In the blink of...The Fly Jewels. For info

Giulia Fucile