Fri:haend. Five friends, traveling to America and ... No, it's not a plot of a film or the story of an idyllic story of friendship, but the concrete realization of a common goal. The power of ideas and determined perseverance converge in a cool brand, born in 2012 latest. A brand, a pact between resourcefulness, ability and a good fashion.

Among the hills of Umbria, oxygen Made in Italy. The attention to the matter and the development of cutting-kept giving rise to a whole look to create, customize. The sportswear goes beyond the boundaries of the more casual classic, opening up a stylistic contamination. Oversized volumes alternate with tight fitting t-shirts and sweatshirts where the logo represented by two points, becomes echo of all identifying principles Fri:haend.

The men's and women's collections are added agender garments, riding the wave of the very latest trends as well, in which patterns and classifications are broken in favor of new aesthetic trends. In capsules Fall / Winter 2016-17 black, white, blue and heather gray canvas become a simple but refined style, the right compromise between sobriety and good finishes, with a single center of gravity, fashion.

The laminated gold inserts, the recognizable shape of the hand and the two spheres of the logo bring that charm, that something that makes a difference and that only a high quality product can offer. In a word? Fri:haend. Tuo can buy Fri:haend HERE. For info