Tiramisù alle Fragole: mascarpone, eggs, sugar and a spoon ... to sink into an infinite delicacy. Right ingredients yes, but for a different recipe! Leave the greediness and get ready to shine a new allure, inhabit a different style. Vintage fabrics, found in treasure chests stop in time, are combined with exclusive Made in Italy textures.

Born in Turin in 2011, by the passion of two young people, Alessia Cocca and Marco De Pace, Tiramisù alle Fragole is not just a brand but a project, a creative workshop where the work is scanned by special lancets, those of dynamism and resourcefulness . Among the collaborations we can find the names of companies like Fiat, K-Way and Heineken, as long as partnerships with stylists Olympia de Molossi and Anna Neretto, who made possible the appearance of Tiramisù alle Fragole on magazines like Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stones and Marie Claire.

Laboratory of ideas, craft workshop. The fabric, the material limited because unique and aptitude to processing related to the Italian tradition, concentrated in Turin, lead to the origin of a living product, experimental.

Research and innovation become wires of rarity. Armed against mass production, the volumes conquer a new space and find different sizes. Outerwear egg-shaped, oversized dresses, pants with sartorial cuts, devourers drawings of a suspended matter between the minimalism of shapes and baroque prints. Contamination, cultures. Get me upward with style Tiramisù alle Fragole! For info www.tafshop.com

Giulia Fucile