N3M = Noi Tre Milano. A puzzle, a brain teaser, a riddle. The solution? Hidden among the ... footsteps. Oh yeah, because it is in the shoes that dissolves the mystery of this intriguing acronym born and raised in Milan. In the multifaceted fashion capital it has originated a multilingual project, fueled by experiences and different visions, multidisciplinary.

Two shoe-designers, trained in the Made in Italy and in luxury brands, together with an expert in finance and international markets, specializing in Business Advice and marketing strategies with different experiences in Food, Technology and Design, immersed in the urban context of Milan create an innovative product: genderless shoes. Cross as the city that adopted them, that inspired them enough to be considered by them the fourth element of the perfect square Noi Tre Milano.

The initial idea had been associated with the will to overcome the lack of proposed choice for the world men's footwear, where the schematic rigidity of menswear left little space for experimentation. Fusing the dynamism of a sneaker with a classic men's shoe, and then producing the entire numbering, however, they come to produce an object without margin, border, genus. On a traditional and artisan structure, it takes shape a shoe that goes beyond. Beyond color, beyond the details, besides the texture, which traces his steps with new identities, determined but tolerant, secure but not prevailing. Free.

Since its debut with the PE 2016, N3M Noi Tre Milano has never stopped surprising. Revisiting pioneers must have of feet, opting for attractive fabrics and details, it continued to ignore any kind of classification, coming to create its own concept, hybrid. Eccentric prints conquer the leather of linear loafers, striped, drawn or only dominated by contrasting brushstrokes. Sabot and sandals built on wood in different tones, exploring the red, green, gold. Plots and meticulous workmanship are placed between fine leathers and never banal mix of colors.Without sex, without variation. Only shoes. For info noitremilano.com

Giulia Fucile