Hymy Bag: modular, customizable, smart. Easy to assemble, fast to disassemble. In a button the solution, the perfect answer to your style request. For a bag suitable for every situation, roomy for the day, elegant for the evening. Having already invaded Europe and Japan, attracting many celebrities, the Hymy Bag continues unstoppably to fascinate.

This innovative bag it was launched in 2015 by the young Stefano Galandrini, born in 1981, grew up in the leather of the family business since he was 21 years old designer for major Italian brands, in collaboration with Art Pelle, a leading company in the sector since 1976, founded in the Marches by Rinaldo Salvucci, and continuously fed from a qualitative and constant work, based on knowing how to do well.

The rules of the Made in Italy and processing exclusively handcrafted blend with the solutions designed for the most contemporary needs. The snap buttons assemble the different parts of the bag, forged with fine and selected materials, from calfskin to rubber lightweight. The handles are colored, the accessories are made of metal, the inner clutch in silk satin. The colors have the energy, the positivity of this young brand that brings the smile even in the name. The meaning of the Finnish Hymy is smile.

Every wall, every room that inhabits the Hymy Bag alternates between coordinated tones or more playful contrasts, with mixed textures in fun and imaginative look. Houndstooth, bouclé, tartan, camouflage, neoprene, and again and again, adding to the 400 basic options more personal version. Hymy Bag: the joy of creating, the class of a bag. Per info www.hymybag-official.com

Giulia Fucile