Jonathan Scarpari: the multiple identities, the infinite possibilities of choice. Between white and black, between good and evil, between the masculine and feminine ... the other. The wardrobe opens the borders to experimentation and the man prepares to undress the role of classicism in favor of a revisited tradition, where the demarcations see their time runs out, welcoming a new era.

Numbers, anatomy and scientific matters are merged with the more poetic creative substance, melting into a single product. Young Italo-Brazilian designer, graduated in chemistry at PUCRS- Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sol in Porto Alegre, in 2010 Jonathan Scarpari approaches to the design, alongside Helen Rodel. In 2013, year of the brand's launch, arrives in Italy and attended the course in Fashion Design at the Marangoni.

Getting great approval to the Dragao Fashion Brasil, emerging at the Vicenza Fair Salon Origin, Jonathan Scarpari is that missing piece to the contemporary market. Each rule is canceled, giving welcome to a well-dosed craftsmanship of contemporary models and excellent leather processing.

In the collection B-24 the red, white and black color blocks live gentle shirts, wide sweaters, avant garde coats, striking houndstooth in black and white, futuristic in the leather. The classic suit is replaced by different alternatives, even composed and not only by impeccable shorts, detailed. Time and oppositions vanish for dressing liquid essence, uncontrollable, Jonathan Scarpari. For info

Giulia Fucile