Francesca Dell'Oro fragrances are the sensory pathways, the memories told through olfactory constructions full of detail and steeped in secrets. Traces that capture the mind and inebriate the mind, in harmonic chords that blend gently evocative sensations, sometimes intimate, but always bright, gentle and graceful. A precious bottle, faceted like a gem in a edgy dynamism blends classic and contemporary becoming a container of suggestive and intriguing stories. unique fragrances made with top quality essences in the best traditions of artistic perfumery, exclusive excellence of Made in Italy.

Francesca Dell'Oro, eclectic and talented woman, is originally from Lecco, beautiful town rich in natural wonders that influenced the mood and feelings of the artist.After graduating in Communication at the Università Iulm di Milano, Francesca Dell'Oro began working with different brands of the fashion industry taking care of the graphics and the launch of new products. She decides, subsequently, to open a boutique in which the stylistic research, in a broader spectrum, including fragrances, cleverly put together collections. A passion that leads, in a natural way, to the creation, in 2011, the eponymous brand of perfume.

The first fragrance created by Francesca Dell'Oro is Ambrosine, an essence from mild tones, delicate, where amber and woody notes form the casket to a floral heart by spicy accents. White Plumage is the lightness of a feather caressing touches the skin with woody notes made by sensual white musk flower arrangements. Lullaby is a playful scent that exudes vitality through the mellow fruity flavor from vanilla beans and exotic coconut. Francine is the memory of a trip through the unspoiled nature, fresh hints of lemon and bergamot are weakened by a woody base and simultaneously enhanced by lush basil and mastic.

Envoutant is an intense fragrance that in a way persuasive, warm oriental notes of saffron and coriander, reveals an intense heart of rose, jasmine and osmanthus. Fleurdenya is an explosion floral, timeless elegance, a slight romance that feeds on gardenia, tuberose and jasmine, with puffs of ylang ylang and bergamot echoes. Page 29 hiding in the sumptuousness of the bois de rose and Florentine rhizome, soft leather scent, made attractive by mandarin and bergamot and embellished with tonka bean, as in a book where the words slowly reveal the implication of a story that becomes memory .

The evocative fragrances Francesca Dell'Oro will be presented to the 8th edition of Esxence - The Scent of Excellence to the stands 95-97 from 31 March to 3 April at The Mall, Square Lina Bo Bardi in Milan, you can't miss this opportunity!

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