You know the tulle skirt wearing Annie Lennox on stage with David Bowie during the concert in tribute to Freddie Mercury? It was 1992, she showed up with a spectacular black tulle and a silver shirt and at the end, on the Under Pressure notes, she bowed with this skirt that seemed to float her like the petals of a flower.

Elegant, scenic, irreverent the tulle skirt even then did its figure ... Because fashion is known, does not invent almost nothing but resumes, inspired and often repeats leaders who have made history in the past.

This is the case of tulle, friend of the woman since the 50's, a time when femininity had maximum expression both in the clothes that the accessories. Inspired by the classic tutu Degas model, the tulle skirt made cyclically peep into the world of fashion, each time with the idea of being a novelty. And here again this year especially strong combinations: with leather jacket as wearing Chiara Ferragni, with denim shirt as proposed by Dsquared, with high heels or gladiator sandals.Ob-Fashion Tulle - Inspiration -

But if the tulle skirt shows cool and magical at the same time, you should be comfortable careful about how you wear it between the the catwalks and the real life there is a big difference ... Given the natural grandeur of the tulle there we recommend playing with accessories and combinations to situate it in the day or evening version. Unless you want to take pictures during fashion week, you are well careful not to match it to heels and eccentric lipsticks during the day, while trying to dare a little more in the evening.

With striped jacket or smooth top matched with biker leather or sneakers, it can become a garment by every day, without, however, go unnoticed. Avoid doll effect, not in fashion ... especially this year when the pink is the protagonist and really you risk looking like a ballerina.

Remember that the waist is strongly emphasized by the sinuosity of material, if it is not exactly your strong attempt to damp it with shirts a bit longer and belt over!

And if you still have any doubt ... if you're looking for inspiration, just browse the episodes of Sex and The City: Carrie will give you a hand!

Credit Photo : Pinterest