GEDEBE is the winner of the 6th edition of the Ramponi Prize. The contest created by Alfredo Ramponi, founder of the same company in the production of synthetic crystals and ABS studs for clothing and accessories, came back to enhance talent by dedicating him an exclusive space inside the WHITE MAN & WOMAN, which took place on June 17th - 19th.

But not only. GEDEBE will be accompanied by a tutorial course that will leave him free to express his estrangement, supporting him through a support network, exhibition show, and sales campaign. Born in 2010, this emergine brand responds perfectly to the characters required by the Ramponi project, never tired of looking for innovation.

Exclusive, luxurious bags up to the last detail. The care of embroidery and the precious stones are just some of the characters protagonists of a young, fresh and absolutely Made in Italy brand. Not even a law degree has been able to curb the passion for the fashion of Giuseppe Della Badia, the soul and creative mind of the brand.

The haute couture experience led Giuseppe Della Badia to design a brand of his own. Craft, novelty, tradition: nothing is left to chance, measured in the "right style". Already selected by Pitti Immagine among the new designers and noted by press and buyer, GEDEBE stands out for its precise lines and contrasts.

Clutches, mini as maxi bags. From cabbage to bananas, from watermelons to reptile prints, from fringes to stones. GEDEBE for the Spring - Summer 2017 has surely discovered the secret to winning the heart, or rather the wardrobe of every woman. Minimal in shape, baroque in substance, the signed bags GEDEBE have fun with ... elegance. Leathers sophisticated as elaphe, python, nappa leather, suede are mixed with ironic drawings, optical, rich in applications. GEDEBE ... the bag you would like! For info