From the Premio Ramponi to the Premio Talent Network Ramponi, the forge of creativity never ceases to amaze. And to reinvent. Already the Ramponi Award, founded by Alfredo Ramponi, CEO of the international leader in the production of synthetic stones, studs and strass with thirty patents, in collaboration with the international fashion platform White Show, opened the doors to a creative patronage that is now evolving into a new cultural project. The Talent Network Premio Ramponi, in fact.

Ramponi, after announcing that his Prize-giving name will pick up memberships throughout the year, launches a latest format, a latest stage that will continue to move on the most innovative search and scouting steps. The winners of the previous editions Alberto Zambelli, Francesca Castagnacci, Twins Florence by Linda Calugi, Damico Milano by Francesco D'Amico, Sainte Courtisane by Laura Bihl, will be protagonists of an exhibition supported by the dynamics of the contest. New dress but the same spirit: attention to the emerging designers ones remains a constant.

Designers are called to experience some of their products, reinterpreting them with unprecedented schemes in perfect Ramponi moods, exalting the culture and the process required for the end result. Creative synergies are blended with cutting edge, luxurious accessories not only in matter, giving rise to a confrontation of input, a bust and response between industry and stylist. From new business technologies to setting up an important exhibition, designers will be followed and supported because they are unique because tomorrow's inventors. Talent Network Premio Ramponi: aired from June 17 to 19, on "channel" White Show!