Hibourama: elegance and luxury unite with comfort and practicality, giving way to a demi-couture style. An aesthetic refinery expressed through combinations of designs and materials, daring mixes of colour and precious details. Completely made in Italy and rigorously adorned with fine, compelling accessories, Hibourama bags are extremely sophisticated in their decisive and refined character.

The brand Hibourama was established in 2011 by the creative and entrepreneurial minds of Rachele Mancini and Maila Ferlisi. After undertaking different studies and professions, they met at a famous fashion school in the capital, the Accademia Koefia, then deciding to create a collection of bags that would represent their single, combined personality in all of its aspects.

The name Hibourama is a combination, a curious play on words: Hibou, “owl”, and Rama, the combined initials of the two designers. A comprehensive name, grown and affirmed with time, enough in fact to make it one of the finalists of the very recent Who is on Next? 2019 in the accessories category. Hand manufacture, high quality and the made in Italy tradition reflect Hibourama in a new, fresh and young way. Iconic bags with so many occasions and possibilities of use, reinvented to confront the every day with versatility and a good dose of style.

Creations of four hands, strong in their precise identity, and distinguishable not only by their use of refined, highly precious materials but also by their symbols and embroidery that render each bag unique and exclusive, just like those from the newest Fall/Winter 2019-2020 collection, Armenia. The inspiration derives directly from this land and its contrasts, from the Armenian embroideries originally worked in frames, that Hibourama reinterprets and experiments with in a new way, and also from the colours that spread from warmer tones to colder, more decisive shades. Sinuous shapes and elegant models are enriched by leather weaves, embroidery on resin and details like tassel strips and black Miyuki pearls. Another key element is their distinctive mark, the hexagonal stud. A collection with character and personality, just like the woman who will wear it. But Hibourama is also innovation, future, avant-garde: the brand together with its technological partner HUDI, has developed a proprietary technological solution that, thanks to the use of IoT, Blockchain and Industry 4.0, connects company with final customer. An experience, a new digital relationship with the consumer that doesn’t conclude at the moment of purchase, but will continue day after day. For artisan and…smart bags!Hibourama? A refined luxury, a practical elegance. Choose your bag here!