Christmas is coming, the search for gifts is not the only protagonist. In fact, even the search for the best looks to wear during the Christmas holidays is certainly no less important. Elegance, comfort, color, sparkle... get ready to experience the next few days with the right Holiday Style.

Because even the Christmas holidays have their own dress code! So what is better to focus on to be elegant but at the same time not overdo it with outfits too much?


Where to start if not with its, the red dress. A great classic that is always a good idea, every year. The color par excellence of Christmas also becomes the protagonist of the looks: if you want to create a truly exclusive look, wear it in total by choosing refined garments and accessories in the lines such as a soft, feminine chemisier, with a midi length like that of Sartoria 74.

Another look, another color: among the unmissable garments in your holiday style, don't forget to select a gold dress, like the one in glittery lace by De Santis by Martin Alvarez. Are you looking for a bon ton and romantic look? Choose a midi dress, printed and with a full skirt for an incredibly chic result.


But our holiday style journey certainly does not end here. Among our favorite solutions there are in fact the suit, an exclusive total look, to dress elegance from head to toe, and knitwear with knitted dresses or 100% handmade in Italy suits such as those signed by Maria Sapio Knitcouture.

And also for accessories, don't forget to focus on quality and exclusivity by lighting the outfits with red (Eremo handbag), illuminating them with white (Sahara Roma sculpture clutch), embellishing them with gold accessories (Virginia Severini clutch; handbag Maizena), feminine and sensual shoes handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen just like those Lamure Shoes.

So what will you choose for your Holiday Style? Whether it's a maxi dress, a knitted garment or a suit, don't forget to shine! Discover our collections now.