That they are a timeless must-have is now certain: loafers have been, for generations, among the most popular shoe models. A cult that comes back season after season with different accessories, details and colors, never getting tired.

But if their style is indisputable, the same is not true for the mix and match of looks to which they are combined. Yes, because even a great must-have like this one must be known how to wear. So let's find out together how to wear loafers and create stylish outfits! 

Time goes by but they… they don't. It will be for the charm that makes them unique, retro and contemporary at the same time. Not to mention the comfort and versatility that make them the perfect shoes for the office, leisure time, weekend.

Made in different materials, colors and shapes, they are worn in combos with looks designed mainly for dailywear, although in their most precious versions they can also be worn in the evening. So, how to wear loafers? One of the outfits that best matches this shoe is undoubtedly the trouser suit, to be preferred in the cigarette version so as to slim the silhouette. But that's not all: loafers are the perfect shoe to wear with blazer + skirt or blazer + shorts suits for a winning game of contrasts.

In fact, if you are a lover of bon ton garments and do not know whether to choose loafers, from now on no more indecision! Mix them with romantic dresses, light fabrics or with flounces, midi and mini skirts and you will get truly exclusive looks!

And… for a more casual mood? The word, or rather the garment, can only be one: jeans. Cigarette or mom-fit, worn together with a t-shirt and iconic penny loafers: for a timeless look. Discover now our selection of handcrafted and made in Italy loafers: directly on the shop