It's easy to say jewelry. Large, small, bright, minimal, elegant, in metal, with stones, in gold or silver... in short, choosing the right ones is not so simple. Among the many, however, there are some that are really essential.

Which? Sautoir necklaces or long necklaces, for example: single or multi-strand, extra long or shorter, today are mixed together with style and freedom, transforming even the simplest outfit into an exclusive and refined one.

And then, among the essential jewels, how can we not mention the rings? Admit it, they are never enough! From the brilliant ones with precious and colored stones to the very thin bands, the rings fill our hands and more and more often they are worn on all the fingers or almost. Dare with stones and maxi shapes for your special appointments, prefer essential and minimalist lines for your work looks.

And then green light to the great classics, now renewed, and to the avant-garde of jewelry must-haves reinterpreted with a contemporary and increasingly sustainable style: light, designer jewels, perfect for everyday wear.

Between glamor, rigor and a bit of nostalgia for the past, let's find out which are the inspirations and the essential jewels to keep today and forever in our jewelry box. Discover now the essential jewels we have selected for you!

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Square Earrings - Arte Facta.

In our exclusive selection of essential jewels, stud earrings certainly occupy a special place. Minimal, sophisticated and so chic, they illuminate the look and look with their graceful elegance, without ever being excessive. Among the most versatile and essential jewels in every woman's jewelry box, they are the perfect earrings for you every day... just like these by Arte Facta. Square, in 23 kt gold plated brass, crystal stone with hand applied golden veins and butterfly clasp.

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Maya D. Guardian Choker - Dea Rail

The necklace to have now (and forever)? The chocker. A great revival, a symbolic jewel of the 90s, which never bores us, the chocker becomes precious and glam: chain, maxi, very thin, handmade, gold... Having one is now essential. Which one do we suggest? The chocker handcrafted by the emerging Dea Rail brand: more than a jewel, an amulet, guardian of the wearer's fortune like every piece of the exclusive and authentic Maya D. Guardian collection.

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Small Rings Drops - Axum

Essential: the trio of bands is part of those must-have jewels that every woman should have. A great classic that the made in Italy brand Axum reinterprets by mixing the tradition of ancient processes with its own and contemporary stylistic code. Unique pieces, made entirely by hand, an expression of craftsmanship and passion.

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Bangle Double Black - Stkreo

Sustainable, light, colorful: the STKREO bracelet breaks out of the usual patterns and reinvents an eco-chic jewel. Perfect for everyday wear, it is handcrafted from fine Italian recycled leather with an iridescent metallic finish, around which 3 different colored leather elements are sewn. A jewel with a contemporary design and mood, essential for any time you want to add a special accessory to the look without opting for metals, precious or semi-precious stones.

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Maya D. Guardian Charm Necklace - Dea Rail.

Another great jewelry must? The necklace with fine wire and pendant. Beloved by all women, she is beautiful worn alone but also mixed with other necklaces and necklaces of different lengths. Which one did we choose for you? The handmade necklace in burnished silver with precious stones from the Roman brand Dea Rail. A timeless jewel like its beauty, sophisticated and elegant, so versatile that it is perfect with any look.

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Violet Trilogy Ring - Vu Elle Jewels.

They have a great charm, so refined and bon ton: rings with colored stones, precious or semi-precious, are part of that group of evergreen jewels. With that intramontal class, they wink at the past and at the elegance of a jewel with a vintage and retro soul. Contemporary brands explore new shapes and new combinations such as Vu Elle Jewels who created a trilogy ring in brass with purple and green stones: a luminous jewel that will give charm to your next looks!

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Lady Necklace - Vu Elle Jewels

Impossible not to have at least one! The pearl necklace is a true timeless classic, handed down and loved for generations. A jewel that goes beyond fashions and seasons and that today is still reinterpreted by the big names and by new jewelry brands. Vu Elle Jewels offers a very special version, interspersing the silver thread with the pearl, for a sophisticated and contemporary result.

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Orizzonte Earrings - Peekaboo!

Fun, original and super cool: earrings also want lightness, this summer more than ever. With fringes, tassels, weaves, recycled materials, threads and beads… the earrings move in style with their irresistible boho-chic style. Among the essential jewels, you absolutely must have a pair in your jewelry box: we suggest those of Peekaboo! Unique and sustainable, they are made with recycled materials: from aluminum to leather to handmade crochet and black tassels.