Today November 22nd, in the Salone dei Cinquecento of Palazzo Vecchio, at nine o'clock, Florence welcomes renowned personalities, a crowded audience of companies, foundations, institutions and young people to inaugurate the first ever edition of #ilfashionbelloebuono.

An initiative born in 2014 from the will and emphasis of the elegant fashion brand Es’Given, aimed at developing the concept of sharing inside the social and environmental sphere. The label, which has always been directed towards an ethical conduct and sensitivity, launched the project with the intention of transforming waste into valuable productions, resuscitating resins, gauzes, faulty pieces and a wide amount of materials in excess to give life to a solidarity and sustainable aesthetics. #ilfashionbelloebuono however, sets to devote its efforts to a more extensive range of issues, capable of giving voice to discrimination and other desolate current realities of our communities. To create and support a concrete collective commitment, transversal to a plurality of industries in addition to the fashion and design ones, is the desire. Essential was the contribution of the City of Florence, the Senate of the Italian Republic and other relevant corporationts in the national perspective for the realization of this idea.

From these stimuli in 2018 the collaboration with Fair takes shape, an association for sustainability and corporate responsibility that also supports the project from the technical-industrial point of view. Joint forces thus give life to #ilfashionbelloebuono as an ATS and to its evolution in a start-up. Presented and promoted on the 27th of February at the Senate, it advances as a tangible example of a made in Italy focused on building a bridge between the governmental, entrepreneurial sphere and the participation of the new generations in a substantial conversation on the sustainable economy.

The venue chosen to seal this new awareness and attention was precisely Florence, not by chance, but claimed to recognize to the city itself its merits for the progress that innovation and sustainability are reaching in recent years in the production and in the craft sector. The draw precludes the objective of implementing a "shared value network" and by the way its imperative is:

Change, Innovation and Circularity in Fashion and Beyond

The aims of #ilfashionbelloebuono are reflected in identifying the city of Florence in a debate center, promoter of innovation and sustainability; to encourage and favour profitable networking between businesses, institutions and the third sector for the development of a repeatable and exportable operating model, and to solicit an unseen international contest directed to emerging students and talents of fashion and design schools and universities in partnership.

The agenda of the event included a morning entirely dedicated to the discussion of the anticipated themes with a conference in talk mode, in an alternation of authoritative moments to more interactive spaces, seeing guests and excellent testimonials as protagonists. Climate change, the different Italian business approach compared to the American one, the reflections on the political challenges concerning innovation and circularity are just some of the issues addressed. And then in the afternoon an exclusive workshop, the contest created by #ilfashionbelloebuono and targeting young students.

The event was able to bring together figures from the fashion scene as well as banks and associations, all guided by the same purpose: looking to the future with an ethical eye!

#ilfashionbelloebuono with the patronage of: Comune di Firenze, Regione Toscana, Corpo Consolare di Firenze, Consolato USA, Camera di Commercio di Firenze, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italia, Camera Buyer Italia.