Leather, leather and more leather. Trousers, jackets, trench coats, skirts, dresses and suits. If one thing is certain in this long Fall/ Winter 2019-20 it is definitely her...The leather.

From fashion shows the message arrived strong and clear: it will be sophisticated, soft and elegant and, as a true femme fatale, it will dress the woman from head to toe. No hesitation, zero vulgarity, or style on the road, this time it's all another story and ... leather!

How to wear it? If you really want to impress (with style) you have to play the card of the total look. Well, yes because this season...leather calls leather! Shirts with collars, romantic A-line skirts, sophisticated dresses, new suits, exclusive accessories: everything of course, in the smoothest nappa.

Who can not remember Greta Garbo in Anna Christie wrapped in a marvelous raincoat in black waxed leather or the rebel Marlon Brando in the movie The Wild One with his biker jacket: movies and pieces that have made and become history, history of cinema and fashion. Must-haves, classics that fly over the seasons and continue to fill collections ever since.

An authentic evergreen, the leather, which this year, is true, it dares with the quantity but it is measured in the ways and gives grace to any style. Black, bottle green, plum purple, metallic but also pop and vitaminic in accessories: we find it in the iconic jeans-cut pants, in XXL length boots, in mini or maxi bags, in sneakers but also in delicate flared skirts or in seductive dresses, now elegant with an extra touch, rock.

Isn't the total look for you? Soften the leather with flowing and feminine fabrics and the chic effect will be guaranteed. Well, now are you ready to discover our proposals? For you a special selection of leather items!

Beltbag in black vegetable-tanned leather by Maison Dressage, with gold-plated brass inserts


Trapézist Beltbag - Maison Dressage.

Versatile beltbag in vegetable tanned leather, handmade in Italy, embellished with gold-plated brass details. A sophisticated bag, a cutting-edge piece that will make your every look exclusive. In leather and not!

The Al's midi and flared skirt in vegetable-tanned leather in petroil green


Petroil green midi skirt with vegetable leather - The Al.

Soft skirt, in shape and texture. Its elegant flared A-line blends with the ductility of the leather, vegetable-tanned. A timeless classic to show off whenever you feel like it.

Antonella Morgillo hat model Maréchal Ankara, black and burgundy with black embroidered stone inserts


Ankara Maréchal hat - Antonella Morgillo.

From morning to night, the Antonella Morgillo hat will dress you in style on different occasions and at different times. A touch of class that certainly will not let you go unnoticed, an accessory made and embroidered by hand in Italy perfect to complete your leather look.

Long jacket in black vegetable-tanned leather The Al


Long jacket in black vegetable-tanned leather with zip - The Al.

Bold jacket with closure and zip pockets in precious black vegetable-tanned leather. An ideal coat to combine and match your looks every day!

 Necklace in black vegetable tanned leather Trapézist Leather Bite by Maison Dressage with gold plated brass insert


Trapézist Leather Bite Necklace - Maison Dressage.

Essential and avant-garde, Maison Dressage's necklace in vegetable-tanned leather and gold-plated brass is an absolute original accessory. Thanks to its locking system it is adjustable

White leather sneakers Luca Berioli


Low-H.Skin white leather sneakers - Luca Berioli.

Low, laced, in calfskin and rubber sole, Luca Berioli sneakers are synonymous with style and quality.