iMoon Glasses by Night: towel, cream and glasses ... by the moon! The most glamorous accessory is ready to protect us from the rays, or rather lunar glows. It is in the warm and magical island nightlife, Ibiza, which takes shape in 2011 this extraordinary project: create a eyewear that encloses aesthetics updated on trends but also seeks to cultivate an essence not yet conceived, so fulfilling the task of cover a slice of untapped market.

Imoon eyewear is the answer to that trend so popular on the Spanish island to stay with four eyes at night. Accessory, necklace or signature style. As long as this. Fitted with HD lenses, optimized for night vision, Imoon eyewear are the result of a collaboration between the two partners Massimiliano Cazzaniga and Marco Brunello, holder of over twenty years experience in the sector, together with a team composed also by two young graduates talents at NABA in Milan, Edoardo Taloni and Luca De Giglio.

From concept to design, from the sketch to computer, from the graphics to the factory: the creative process is entirely taken care of by their founders, supported by Lastes Group srl, in Veneto, and Christian Dalloz Sunoptics for lens production. Every aspect is Made in Italy and environmentally sustainable, such as biodegradable packs. The collections revolve around the four phases of the moon and their deepest meaning, their influence reflected in people's moods: Waning, New, Crescent, Full.

Exteriority, solar dimension, comes here to dialogue and understand the intimacy, the lunar dimension, thus conceiving a substance product. Each model consists of researched structures, lenses designed for each type of situation, occurrence, climatic condition, foreseeing four different lens tones, each with its characteristic and functionality. Yellow helps to recognize those details are difficult to distinguish in critical visibility situations, blue is recommended for autumn and winter, pink great for moments of relaxation after sunset, the green enhances brightness.

The capsules Full Moon and New Moon propose models bioplastic M49, eco-friendly material made of cellulose acetate, made with innovative formulas and advanced performance. The Waning Moon and Waxing Moon models are lightweight, practical and fitted with titanium inserts, guarantee of comfort. Each piece has the engraving of the moon phase of belonging and the application of a Moonstone, a metaphorical gem of deep introspection. Cloves of sun. Mirrors of moon. iMoon Glasses by Night. For info