Esxence: The Scent of Excellence. The Artistic Perfumery and luxury cosmetics return to the scene, protagonists of the 9th edition of Esxence, 23 to 26 March 2017, in the exhibition spaces of The Mall, near Porta Nuova.

Fixed stop, now must for noses finer Esxence involve visitors in a dreamlike atmosphere, made of flower buds and ethereal colors. It is the Garden of Eden in fact the theme chosen for the most fragrant fair of the year, with an evocative paradise set in the heart of the city.

As in a dream thoughts free themselves, the senses are awakened, fully living the magic of a journey; enchantment that will fade upon waking, with the return to reality but we will leave us the memory, the mood scent of what really would like to be. Excellence in the sector, Esxence presents its brand list both historical and established brands, symbol of guarantee and quality, both many emerging names, young but already absolutely valid, the new smell.

For the third consecutive year there will be an area dedicated to cosmetics niche with Esxkin-The Excellence of Beauty, home of innovative products, experimental raw materials and unique formulations. Not only exhibition, not only essence, but real culture ... of smell.

Esxence fact is also workshops, meetings, opportunities to meet and interact with recognized leaders in the world scene of perfumery. Wonders for the eyes, or rather wonders for noses ... Esxence. For info

Giulia Fucile