La Lattoneria: give me a sheet and make them out idea. Young reality, La Lattoneria, is a company engaged in the design of sheet metal furniture world that sees hidden in its brand a winning partnership, the one between the creative Sara Ricciardi and Martina Salvato with the business spirit of Maurizio Bernardo.

Made in Brianza, La Lattoneria met in the impeccable Italian artisan aesthetic functionality and cutting-edge technology. Innovative from concept to reality, La Lattoneria products born from errors and experiments that they see in their metal principle. White sheet, sheet metal. After attending the Masters in Product Design at Naba in Milan, Sara Ricciardi and Martina Salvato decide to invest all their creativity in a study of Planning & Design aims to stand out for their quality and character.

La Lattoneria, with one foot in the 50s and one in the future, it initially suffered the metal charm in relation to old office furniture, and then, however, investigate and learn the thousand possible workings, allowed by elaborate and constantly updated techniques. Strong colors, playful light "lockers" now offered in new forms, new geometries all to live. Space-time to fill, old style lines but avant garde in look. From the void volumes, to be filled with joyful everyday life of the members of the Rossi Family, to the lively solids of Brothers Lamiere that reinterpret even with an engaging dose of irony a historic piece of office furniture, the iconic metal cabinet. Where good taste winks the eye for design... La Lattoneria. Per info

Giulia Fucile