Animals in fashion: exotic, colorful, fantastic or domesticated. My head is a jungle? Of course not! My look is a jungle, in total Animal Trends! Get ready to open their closets, or rather the cages, and let yourself by dressing your pets friends.

From kitten to the king of the forest, from flamingos to the giraffe, with a good amount of style and a touch of irony, for the next SS17 there is no printing or decoration ... without animals! Swans romantic or funny parrots are the stars chosen by Luca Sciascia, routed, either as pink sequins on dresses characterized by sophisticated, a little childish femininity, between the soft colors of blue, white and yellow.

Steering vitamin by Marco Bologna who chooses the eccentricity of the pink + orange combination as a textile house of lively butterflies sewn and applied for a 3D effect. Absolutely romantic the dress Vivetta, visionary hat by Simona Lomurno.

Surreal: this is the most right adjective to describe the little animals drawn on the t-shirt Bucobianco, true brand from ... dream. But not only clothes. Even shoes, bags and accessories could not get away to one of the most important trends of the next spring and summer, Animal Trends. The silver bracelet Fly Jewels is symbolized by a fly, an insect of courage metaphor that becomes a good luck charm. The playful Francesco Ballestrazzi hat, ideal for those who like to dress with irony.

And if the imagination brings us, with the foot the right shoes, in distant places, animated by monkeys, elephants and snakes with Giannico, is the gracefulness of Elena Iachi beaded butterflies, to let us fly straight towards the style. Zebra and rainbow or a swan in a lake face powder? Why choose! Giancarlo Petriglia has thought of everyone: in terms of bags and ... pets!

Fabulous jewelry Ilenia Corti Vernissage with insects by acid colors that are placed on necklaces and earrings, playful mini handbag Annalisa Caricato with circus theme, more bon ton pastel mignon Salar embroidered with bees, magical unicorns handbag with printed Manurina. With necklace Lisa C Bijoux two delicate doves resting on the neck. And then you are ready to get in tune and trendy Animal Trends?

Giulia Fucile