Giulia Boccafogli: regenerate ... with style. It is in leather and in the recovery of this that we discover the essence of a young brand of jewelry, versatile experimenting alternative materials, capable of representing the most of the unbeatable quality of the Made in Italy.

Born in Bologna in 1980 and graduated in Architecture in Florence, Giulia Boccafogli continues to feed her creativity that constantly sees her passionate in designing accessories. After living in San Francisco for a few months and have learned through workshops different ways of working metals and other raw materials, back in Italy, Giulia is completely dedicated to her vocation, transforming it into a profession.

The good qualities of the leather and the skill with which they are processed to create unique pieces of their kind. A style, that of Giulia Boccafogli, absolutely personal and recognizable, able to continuously innovate and create, with the same material, always new pieces, with experimental techniques and imaginative daring.

Fringes and fluid filaments become maxi necklaces, earrings important, decisive notes of the look. By interlocking of colors Mashua line, where the contrast color bride bright geometric games of rigid forms but at the same time so soft to the touch, to the vanguard of sutures with Flex necklace and its endless entertaining several joints to wear until apotheosis fringe capsules in Bodega Bay.

Latest collection Imaginarium inspiration comes instead from mythology, from the lake nymphs and fantastic animals interpreted amulets jewels, sinuous but at the same time structured, custom-designed black leather carefully selected from scraps stock or discontinued, as every product signed Giulia Boccafogli, enriched with metal inserts and tobacco tones.

Conceptual, made in Italy, holder of an ethical message, recycling,which surpasses all forms of virtuosity, the jewel Giulia Boccafogli is the right mix between aesthetics and quality. Innovative in design, true craftsman in the heart. Because there is no future without history. For info