Stealthily, the design of Marco Trevisan has entered the world of fashion with the essential and royal lines of his bags, a beauty that makes you hold your breath. A name, a brand, a promise. The young craftsman today boasts a solid and indisputable debut. Preserving the amazement and innocence of a dreamer, Marco gave himself up to our ears and told his story in an exclusive interview.

Fashion, so frenetic and overwhelming sometimes can intimidate, but you have cleverly been able to keep up and astonish with the charm of your bags. When did you approach this world? "Fashion has always been an innate passion of mine that materialized three years ago when I let myself be enchanted by the art of leather goods".

Your pieces exude unspeakable attention to detail, as you are a craftsman, I imagine that production is a crucial part of your work. Where are the Marco Trevisan bags made? And where can they be bought "Each piece is conceived and takes shape in my hands, in my own atelier. A sort of artist's workshop, from the drawing to the realization of the finished product, all the phases follow one another right there. Where to buy them? Certainly in my atelier in Triste or in Milan, where it all started". ".

Recognition and differentiation are necessary elements to make a brand survive among the multitude of proposals. How do your brand and aesthetics stand out from the competition? "The materials blend in harmony between my hands, each product is a story of high-end Italian craftsmanship. My brand stands out because it tells a little bit about me, my character. Whether it is my emotions, my most intimate thoughts or travels, each bag is a unique, exclusive piece that communicates everything that surrounds me through its silhouettes ".

Almost undoubtedly, accessories are what a woman cannot do without. What led you to choose the bag as a means of expressing your creativity? "I didn't choose it, the bag has always belonged to me, it has always fascinated me. In a natural way my gaze lingered on her, more than any extravagant dress, the bag is the only accessory capable of arousing an emotional transport in me".

Matter and color are two intertwined souls that give life to the sinuous and refined bodies of your bags. What relationship do you have with color and how do you choose it to give life to your designs? "The colors interpret my feelings, my moods, so depending on what I want to communicate and the intensity of an emotion I feel the urge to use different colors".

You are young but you have already managed to reach important goals. Today the fashion industry is increasingly saturated and genuine and artisan realities like your brand are often held back or discouraged by this constantly changing sector and by comparison with historical brands. What advice do you feel to give to those who are now starting their journey in the fashion world?"Passion. Focus on creating unique products of their kind, and do it with passion. Each piece, each creation, in its cuts and sewing, must reveal the commitment and love used to produce it. But the passion I repeat, is the starting point ".

How would you define your style? "Simply essential! In the silhouette of the bags and in the aesthetic, essential".

We are curious, why don't you tell us a little about the dawn of your career as a new fashion maker? "Actually, I'll tell you, I've always worked with my hands, the world of production was no stranger to me. Before turning to bag design, I used to work with glass, handmade care has always been inherent in my approach to work. Having lived in Milan, well... breathing fashion was inevitable, between one fair and another, fashion and the world of bags have become what I nourished myself with, so I decided to return to my beloved Trieste with all the knowledge gained and give life to my brand ". For info and contacts