Bold, self-confident, risk-loving but above all, an esthete, a quality expert: this is the identikit of the modern woman as dreamed of and designed by Federico Barrazzo for the new Fall/Winter 2019-2020 collection of The B.Well trained eyes will be no stranger to the majestic creations of the young designer who with sartorial cuts and decisive volumes wraps the She The B. with a captivating charm.The collection interprets a sagacious femininity, mature in her bearing and thought, a unapologetic femininity. This time the brand makes a seductive without exceeding and enchanting beauty bloom : the romance of ruffles and the bold soul of cocktail dresses; The B. takes on a thousand faces, is born again with each garment. Sobriety and exuberance, however, are the two sides of the same coin because balance reigns supreme.The B. explores an imaginary rich in contrasts, contaminations, jumps in the past and a clear vision of the contemporary. The models in fact show a vintage allure, from the outerwear to the neckline of the dresses, the clean lines of the pieces dress the female forms of a retro taste.An elegant and glamorous urban-wear, for many a contradiction, for The B. the rule; a spell from which no one will want to wake up.The brand's recognizable design fuses comfortable structures with a luxurious freshness. Evening gowns and blouses describe the softness of loose fabrics, silk falls on and gives life to tender choreographies that embrace the body in all its cadences, while the knitting lean on gently and without excess. The silhouette is muffled by waistbands and side slits that tell of a seductive beauty hinted but never fully revealed; so the play of lengths, asymmetries and the innocence of the see trough are coupled to the rigid contours of the tailored suits, of the one-shoulder, of the square neck and of the palazzo trousers.As in a sweet poem, the colors whisper the wonder of the night, light and shadow dance between the seams, from the deepest black to the pure white, every garment shines and makes itself be heard loud and clear, or even better, seen ... Fan out patterns of sequins or laminates turn the spotlight on a refinement of old times; the irreverence of our days, however, is reflected in the animal prints, how not to mention the brindle blazer or the silver bomber jacket with python hood. There is also the faithful chequered print that gives a sophisticated tone to the suit reinterpreted in The B. key. Tight-fitting shapes like those of the bodysuits, the overlapping schemes of the faux fur sleevesless vests and the midi, everything tells of an explosive femininity without brakes.A show of sequins, iridescent colors, fringes and velvet produced by the high-standard Italian craftsmanship: don't be a spectator, live the new Fall/Winter 2019-2020 collection by The B.